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Creating an Effective 1st Birthday Theme

First Birthday parties can often be tricky when choosing a theme as they often haven't fallen in love with a character, programme or toy yet! Animal or jungle theme is always a great go to plan, Small or big elements of decor can be effective.

Recently when asked to support a client with first birthday celebrations we opted for a statement balloon display filled with metallic and animal print styles that complimented a greenery backdrop. The greenery backdrop was full of tropical leaves off Ebay and the back garden!!! Backdrops don't need to be expensive, work to your budget, B&Q to Trellis that you can screw feet onto as a stand. You can also make your backdrop personal by ordering a plaque off etsy. Etsy always needs to be on your list as a point of call for products, it isnt often there isnt a creative option for your theme - we love it! The personal entrance sign was also off Etsy, always a great addition as guests walk in!

The party was finished off with animal print party bags and animal masks for the party guests to take home.

No matter the budget Jungle Themes are always effective!

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